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Isla Mujeres

Welcome to the beautiful Isla Mujeres !, a heavenly place where days of sun, beach and relaxation await you, if you decided to choose this place as your vacation destination, let us tell you that you could not choose a better option.

To make your stay much more pleasant and enjoyable, we have created for you a complete tour guide in Isla Mujeres that will help you enjoy everything without so many complications, take your bags and enjoy this wonderful experience with us.

Isla Mujeres is located in the exotic Caribbean Sea, very close to the well-known Yucatan peninsula, exactly to the southwest of Mexico.

This beautiful island belongs to one of the 11 municipalities that give life to the Quintana Roo state, the municipality is located just 13 kilometers from Cancun.

This island was discovered in the year 1517, when during an expedition Francisco Hernández de Córdoba found it, during pre-Hispanic times the island was consecrated to Ixchel, who was the Mayan goddess who represented the moon, fertility and love.

For this reason, it received millions of offerings in the form of women, which were deposited on the beaches. When the Spanish conquerors arrived they found the offerings and decided to baptize the island with the name of "Isla Mujeres".

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